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Here I am with my personal professional equipment for carpet restoration, ready to clean!

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My actual weight was 295, this is a period in my life when I had become very ill and didn't even know it, I was soon diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Doug Before

After the diagnoses, I began to take better care of myself.  I drank a lot of water and changed my diet.  I started using the bus and walking instead of driving.  I also renewed my personal relationship with God.  Through all of these things I was able to get  healed.  I no longer have to test my blood sugar or take diabetic medications.  Thanks to God and healthy living, I feel 100% whole and healthy.

Doug after

The Doctors told me I would probably be medicated for the rest of my adult life, with threat of loss of limbs and problems with my eyes from diabetes.
But in my heart I knew the Lord could help me and heal me.
So I worked hard and prayed.  I lost a total of 132 pounds which lowered my blood pressure and made it possible to end my medication use.
My endocrinologist  has given me a clean bill of health and doesn't need to see me again.
I believe the Great Healer, God has lead me down this path to good health and happiness.