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Quail and other birds

Gallery 2: Rhode Island Red Chicks
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Gallery 2: Rhode Island Red Chicks
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These are my 3 Rhode Island Reds, they all hatched perfectly and were  growing fast so I found them a happy home on a farm.
I am mainly interested in the quail, but it is really fun to hatch the chickens, I have 2 that I am keeping until they feather out.  The runt rhode island red that hatched on its own and a barred rock that was upside down in the egg, (I rescued him, he couldn't get out)  He is my baby.  I named them "Little Red" & "Farley".
UPDATE 3/13/04:  Farley and Little Red are now 9 weeks old and madly in love with each other, (Little Red cries just awful if she can't see Farley) they are big babies still.  In the next few days their new mom and dad will be coming to get them.  They are going to go to a very nice farm where they will be able to free range.  I am so happy.  They are going to a chicken resort.  I will miss them, but am glad to have mothered them.  When I get their page built I will put a link here for it.

Here is one of the 4 Rhode Island Reds
rhode island red

All three of my big ones
The 4th one is a runt, so it cannot stay with these ones

I highly recommend hatching a variety of birds, for the experience.  It is a great hobbie, I really love it.

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