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Quail and other birds

WARNING=> Must Read About Buttons
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WARNING=> Must Read About Buttons
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Button Quail from the age of 1 1/2 weeks on are in danger of the Boink Factor.  Which can be fatal to the small birds.

Please email any ideas/hints to keep buttons safe

The following pictures may not be for everyone.  They are pictures of what can happen if you use a hard lid with button quail.  At about the age of 1 1/2 to 2 weeks old button quail being their self training of escaping prey and to do this they jump straight up, as they grow they continue this behaviour only they have more thrust power.  My button quail were fine for 6 weeks, they had never injured theirselves.  But suddenly and with no reason one of my babies jumped over and over injuring himself.  I have posted pictures of the lid I was using and the birds head. (he has recovered but has to be on his own until his head is totally healed, or other birds will peck at it.)  I also have posted pictures of how I fixed the problem and now all babies are safe and sound.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS CAN AND WILL HAPPEN IF YOU USE A SOLID LID.

this is the lid, the spots are blood

the dark spot on his head is dried blood
poor little knot head

Now I use nylon netting and clothes pins.


Update 3/25/04: Knothead is doing great, he is all healed up now.  He is still on his own but 2 hens will be joining him as soon as possible.

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