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Quail and other birds

Gallery 1A: More Buttons
2004 Auburn, Indiana 4-H Poultry Barn
Hatching Hints and Advice
Incubation of Button Quail Eggs
Homemade Brooder/Cage
Raising Button Quail
Gallery 1A: More Buttons
Gallery 2: Rhode Island Red Chicks
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Backyard Birds/Copper's Hawk looking for lunch
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Playmobil collection

Here are 5 of my babies all lined up.  These are the same quail as in gallery 1, just 4 1/2 weeks later.  I ended up with 10 babies.  I sold 2 pair, now I have 6 babies left, 2 boys and 4 girls.  I built them a cage that is big enough so they all can stay together.  They get along well, and stick together most of the time.


This is my natural colored male, as you can see he has a bright white bib.  He is a stingy male though, steals the girls meal worms and eats them instead of offering them to the females, like I have read they do.


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